Managed Support Service, Tier-2 (includes dedicated PM)

Important: By enrolling in this service, you commit to an automatic billing subscription.
  • 1-month Managed Support, Tier-2 (dedicated PM)

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    • By subscribing, you commit to a minimum 12-month usage
  • 6-month Managed Support, Tier-2 (dedicated PM)

    $1399.00/6 mo
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    • (save 6% vs. monthly billing)
      Billed semi-annually
  • 12-month Managed Support, Tier-2 (dedicated PM)

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    • (save 15% vs. monthly billing)
      Billed annually
If you sign up for the Service on a monthly or semi-annual payment plan basis, but fail to make the payment for any reason in the first 12 months of service, you will be able to re-enroll into the Support Service plan using a 12-month plan ONLY.

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